Therapy was good, no complaints. Jessica was excellent, she pushed me. I met my criteria with her. Everybody loves me here! Francine (RN) told me she might even cry when I leave. My top 5 here would be Lacey, Francine, Charnelle, Jakia and Whitney. They do their job. The administration team, Jalicia, Jenny, Sheeka, everyone took care of me. I’m not just saying that! Lacey took care of my wounds – I had a bad stage 4 when I got here that she got closed. All my wounds improved with Lacey. The doctor, Dr. Hellams, that’s one hell of a doctor! I liked it here. I don’t plan on coming back, but if something happens, I’d request to come back to Chelsea. It’s not a bad facility.

Daquan Gibson

I’m just delighted to be here. I am happy to have such professional help and they all make me feel safe.

Earl Phaup

I came to Chelsea with a broken ankle and torn fibula. Within a short time, they made me feel like family. Being that I had never broken any part of my body, I knew I was on a hard road to recovery. Working with the physical therapist/occupational therapy team, they quickly assured me with the goals they had for me and that they would be with me every step of the way. I am truly thankful for every staff member and friendship that I made along this journey. I can proudly say I left Chelsea walking with no assistance. Thank you for the care you all put into your job. I wouldn’t be here without you. Sincerely,

Eyonae Johnson

The Nurses and CNAs here are wonderful. They get so busy, but they keep on smiling. Kyle is hilarious and Molly, I love her, she keeps me smiling. The Dietary Department is outstanding; Denise, Rachel, Theresa, Ellen, Khrissy, and Christine. They all have hearts of gold and go out of their way to meet our needs. Everyone has been so wonderful to me. The Social Services Director, Amber, truly cares about the people and has been such a help to me. The nurses here are number one!

Karen Dalton

I was scared when I first got here. I didn’t know who to trust. Within 24 hours, you all changed my whole attitude. The kindness, the general respect was more than refreshing; it was uphill after that. To be treated like a human being and not invisible was nice. The nurse told me I was a shining star, I’m going to keep that as an affirmation. You all kept this star shining and I’m blessed and grateful for my new family. It’s hard to put into words how the girls here have made me feel. They celebrated Mother’s Day with me and made me cry. Right now, I’m just hopelessly in love with you all. My roommate was the perfect fit. I have a new family with her as well. It has been an amazing adventure. I did physical therapy here, wow! They laughed at my con ball jokes! I’ve been to PT before, I’ve seen people stick to the script, but here, they made it fun and challenging. I’ll leave you with this, ‘sometimes, God lays you on your back, so you’ll remember to look up and talk to him.’ Your fingerprints are on my heart forever!

Loretta Carney

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